OpenCL and NViDiA: Pitfalls (1)

Q:  What are some of the potential causes for this error reported verbosely by NViDiA drivers using context notification call-backs, apart from the obvious catches mentioned in OpenCL 1.1 specification?

opencl_heavenA: Well, if you ever meet the funny fellow, please make double sure you:

– meet type alignment requirements (no, really, single floats must be aligned to 4 in your memory buffer!)
– do not cast global-space pointers of type A to private-space ones (which is the default behaviour if you skip the __global keyword!) of type B.
– edit: initialize default values for all private variables. Yes. I have just fixed an issue that was giving awfully weird and totally unexpected side effects just because it was not initialized and I had the audacity to query value of the variable.. until now!

It’s just so EASY to ignore these rules, the driver acts like an attercop, being nothing but helpful, and then you suddenly have that “Oh shit, no!” moment out of nowhere when you suddenly learn the lesson and feel as depicted below.


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