Spherical Harmonics (4): Battle-field report

Finally got my GPU-based Kd-tree traversal implementation to work! With the tool at hand, there’s nothing stopping me from calculating visibility for model vertices in an off-line manner, converting the data to SH representation and then using it for AO calculation within my engine 🙂 Unfortunately, GTX 570 is far too slow to do the calculations in real-time – a rather typical test scene presented below, consisting of ~25k vertices, takes about 1 minute to calculate the data (with 2500 rays shot from every point) and I estimate available optimisation potential to be placed somewhere near 50%, which leaves us with 30 seconds needed for precalculations; okay for a demo loader, but nowhere near real-time. I’m using OpenCL for the purpose – sticking to a shader-based approach would probably have been a bit faster but I’d lose the neat extendability I can afford when using CL.

Compared to my previous engine (which laid ground for Three Fourth, Futuricon and Suxx), current state of the scene importing layer in Emerald is that it lacks nearly everything 😉 Having finished the visibility precalc work, I will now be able to move on with support for in-direct bounces so expect some more interesting screen-shots in a week or two!




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