CamMuxer – still on it!

I’m continuing to work on the software for muxing image from various sources into one output using the GPU, adding some additional image processing along the way to make use of the horsepower my video card continues to offer.

What I’ve finished plugging in today evening is per-camera feed content equalization. What this means is that each texture update triggers a histogram calculation, followed by a summed-area table calculation for the single-dimensional histogram texture generated in the previous pass, ending with the actual linearlization of the texture.

In terms of bus usage, that’s at least 30+30+15 frames per second, which gives a rough of 33.5MB * 3 = 100.5MB pumped into VRAM per sec, with each frame being equalized right afterward, converted to YUV and then pumped back by bus to RAM and sent to another process for streaming.

Statistics? DPCs never exceed 15%, CPU usage stays at 40% (quad-core) and GPU remains idle 60% of the time.

It’s just incredible how powerful nowaday desktops are!

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