New cameras arrived yesterday! Suddenly..

I’m really, really trying my best, but it goes beyond a scope of my understanding why  Microsoft LiveCam Cinema drivers have this odd custom of respawning threads per second when accessed by means of DirectShow capture filter they implement! (That actually might be somehow connected with the  amount of cores my CPU has, which is 4)

It’s just spawn, spawn, kill, kill, spawn, spawn, kill, kill… Pew, pew, pew..

It only happens after you launch streaming and goes out the moment you pause or put the stream to a full stop. The behavior does not change whether you stream from other cameras as well in the same process or not.

So what goes on beyond the weird threads’ trunk? Apparently, they seem to spend quite a lot of time plotting behind my back in _vcomp_atomic_div_r8() function, nested within vcomp90.dll, which happens to be a part of OpenMP. Could it be distributed computing gone wrong..?

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