About me


Commercial activity

  • iPhone/Linux/Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)  developer;
  • Low-level (KMDF and UMDF) Windows driver developer;
  • EGL 1.4 / OpenCL 1.1 / OpenGL 4.5 / OpenGL ES 3.1 developer;
  • Consultant at Mobica Limited since 2013. Technical representative of the employerKhronos.
  • Contributed to a handful of OpenGL ES 3.0/ES3.1 specificationsOpenGL ES 3.1 extension specifications, OpenGL 4.5 specification. More details can be found on my LinkedIn & GoldenLine profiles (links included above).

(CV available on demand; I am not available for relocation)

Demo-scene activity


  • Remote worker for over two years;
  • Typing speed at around 640 characters per minute (that’s ~130 words/minute);

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